I Am NOT Here to Entertain!

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 the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.
  1. “everyone just sits in front of the TV for entertainment”

About two weeks ago, I was on a call with one of my mentors/teammates and she mentioned the word entertainment. She said that the definition was to DIVERT! It’s pretty awesome how God stirs your soul and makes you realize that He wants you go on a different path, because just the night before, I read a sign that said, “WE ARE NOT HERE TO ENTERTAIN!” I had no idea what that meant until that phone call. So it merely meant, “WE ARE NOT HERE TO DIVERT!”

Thus being said, I am not here to entertain or divert you! I am here to stir your wants, desires and dreams. To help awaken the champ within so you can fulfill your life’s mission. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU! I am here to urge you to collide with destiny and discover your purpose in order to change the world!

My mission is to teach you how to love, spread joy and celebrate life by living NOW!

This is the reason why Glitzy Entertainment is no longer. I have wavered back and forth with this, but to eliminate any confusion of what I do and what brand things are associated with, it is just all things Jasmine Dash, LLC. for now.

Glitzy Ent. will be back sometime in the future, as the head company of all of my sub-entities, however, until then please allow me to introduce you to Jasmine Dash, LLC. with my unique skill sets in event planning, consulting+marketing/pr, I will challenge you to be the WINNER you are called to be!

My vision is to dramatically change the personal & business lives of Queens, young and old, starting with self-love!

I wrote a book so you can get to know me better. Understand a snippet of my past and how it molded me into the woman that I am today. This book will also teach you how to love yourself more and tap into your God given purpose. If you want an official sneak peek click here & follow my glitter trails! My book is officially titled Jasmine Dash::A Journey To My Queendom?? I hope you enjoy it!

I have a podcast show so you can see and hear me on the regular! Resetting Your Journey is my way of connecting with the next generation of leaders. How can we capture their minds now, right where they are, so they don’t have to make the mistakes that we may have made? New episodes are coming in 2016 with an official LIVE launch! Until then, you can check out some past episodes by clicking here.

For all of you entrepreneurs, wanna-preneurs or just a BIG dreamers, allow me to teach you to create the life you want by helping you fulfill your dream with my Consulting & Marketing+PR expertise. My 1:1 consulting packages for Entry & NXT LVL businesses, monthly group coaching sessions (COMING SOON!) and courses/success modules (Learn with Jaz, COMING SOON!) are custom created to help you become a WINNER! Pulling out the Queen/King within so you can say “the CHAMP is here to stay, play & pursue my GOALS+DREAMS!” Ultimately this will give you the freedom & flexibility to celebrate life & live NOW!

All of this will help me to get to CROWNED! This will allow you to learn who I am and what I represent along with my knowledge and skill sets which will ultimately help you to understand why God has specifically laid CROWNED on my heart to manifest for future generations to come.

So back to my point, I am not here to entertain, only to move you and push you to DIG DEEP and dive into your destiny! Are you ready?


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