Being & Staying Committed & Consistent

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“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”
~ Vincent Van Gogh


This year I’ve decided to be committed and consistent with anything I put my energy towards, whether it be business or personal, relationships or goals, etc. if I give it the time of day, I must see it through. I’ve had times in my past where I struggled with fully seeing things to completion and I will have to admit that a Queen can get tired of not accomplishing her goals. I got sick of seeing my five year goals turn into ten year goals because at the end of the year when I go to re-evaluate I end up moving it to the next year because I did not complete it when I said I would. With that being said, I know I cannot possibly be in this boat alone. Right?!


Since I do not believe in keeping good ideas and new habits to myself, I thought I would share how I plan to make these life changes on my road to being more committed and consistent. I will teach you how to commit, some steps to get to commitment, all about consistency and how to win!


How to commit

First, let’s talk about how to commit to those never ending to do lists and goals from previous years and so on and so forth. Of course, everything must begin with prioritizing. List out what is most important and what will take the longest to accomplish. You should never rush these things either, apart of the reason you have trouble with commitment is because you force something to happen and it results in bad timing which is when the downward spiral begins. Let’s create new habits and not continue that old pattern but really focus on what is truly important for our lives, for our destiny.

Steps to commitment

  1. Create your list of goals that you want to accomplish with details on how to get them done and challenging yet achievable due dates.
  2. Organize your goals by priority. Start with what is most important to the least. Also, prioritize by the amount of time it takes to achieve each goal.
  3. Take the first steps by starting with the first item on your list, doing the tasks that are needed to get to the next step and the next goal.
  4. Make sure your goals are spread out and you are not taking on to much at one time, which can cause burnout. Pace yourself.
  5. Be consistent! Stick to it and follow your check points. Mark off tasks that are completed to get you closer to your goals.


Consistency is not perfection

If you say you will do something then do it, period. Being consistent does not mean that you are perfect, we are all human, flaws and all, however if you make a commitment to do something everyday and miss a day, don’t beat yourself up and let one day turn into a week or a month or another year missed on that goals list. Once again, avoid the downward spirals and just jump back on it the next day. We all do it, life happens and apart of committing is being consistent no matter what obstacles come about.


Commit to WIN

It’s not about who finishes the race first but about crossing the finish line. Commit to win, no matter how long it takes, how far those goals seem or how much money you will need. Forget all of that and remember that if you start something, give yourself ample time to finish it, and finish strong. Remember that you’ve put energy into this, it might as well be good energy, you might as well give it ALL that you’ve got and accomplish your goals.


Friendly Reminders::

  • Don’t share your dreams, goals and aspirations with everyone. They are yours for a reason and should be protected. That’s apart of your responsibility until they are ready to be presented to the world.
  • Avoid downward spirals, bad habits and things you used to do in the past. The past is the past, leave it there.
  • Post your goals. everywhere, anywhere and make sure you read them! Phone, laptop, mirror, closet, journal/diary, wherever you need to see them to be reminded that they are there and you have work to do.
  • Celebrate little wins! Check in with yourself, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, whatever you need! Check in and celebrate. Even if your goal was something as simple as working out 5 times this week but you only made it 3 times. That’s a win! Treat yourself to a smoothie and go harder next week! Remember that we are committing to win, its all about the end goal, you just have to get there!
  • Focus, one step at a time does count!
  • Most Importantly, DON’T GIVE UP! Do not allow discouragement to stop you from manifesting your desires, no matter how long it takes. Once again, we commit to WIN!


You got this! 2016 is the year that we put away old habits and continue putting forth our best efforts to really manifest our dreams, goals and desires into realities. Get yourself an accountability partner if you need one and get it done! Let’s focus our energy and make things happen this year by remaining consistent and committed to things we begin!


Best of luck!


Blessings, glitter & success!
Love Always,


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