In The Pressence of A King

Real recognize real…or do we?


I’m just going to share this story of my own because I’m sure this isn’t you and you’ve never done this. A few months ago I was traveling and had the pleasure to be amongst some great leaders. Extraordinary men and women, mainly women, filled the room.


Apparently, I had been spotted out long before I even knew about it and you me I was young, fly, fresh workin’ it like a Queen should. Shinin’! Just being Jaz. Lol.


So some hours after being spotted I was doing my own thing, being solo and actually had my crown on. Live in the flesh and there he was. I’m used to chivalry and I actually expect it so when it happens I am very grateful but it doesn’t stop the fact that I am used to it.


I was coming out the door and had a piece of confetti on the bottom of my heel. As I was walking out the door, either I was on my phone already or about to be and this happened, homie came up and dropped down on one knee and said, oh I can’t let the Queen walk out with something on her shoe. I was also complimented on my beauty as well. Of course, I looked down and smiled and showed gratitude by saying thank you. Then I went on about my business.


Maybe about an hour or so later I changed shoes and got hungry. We encountered one another again. Now he wasn’t totally my type but he was tall, he had style and a beautiful soul. Most importantly he spoke my language. I was sitting down and he walked by and said I see you and I appreciate everything that you are doing.


Chilllleee, I know right! Something about those words right there, talk about juices flow. Panties dropped. In my mind, it was all in my mind right then! Lol. Lord forgive me!


At that moment I should have run for the hills but Iwasa so intrigued by something new, why is this even foreign? This is exactly what I’ve been yearning for and it’s here. How do I react?


Like a pure fool. Clearly. Our conversation continues, as he goes more into how amazing and how much of a superman, King, valiant warrior he is, I begin to question his antics. This dude cannot be real! Then I began to treat him like I was questioning him. I began to be really rude to him. I swear I was trying not to be.


Actually, what’s funny is that I had this conversation with someone else the other day. They were entertaining a young lady and she thought they were playing who can be the most rude game. It’s degrading and disrespectful. Why can’t we believe it to be true? Why do we abuse them when they show up? Why is it that it’s so foreign for us to see, recognize and respect a king when we are his presence?


Because it’s more common for us to be around broken men who are already broken down by society and either allow us to continue breaking them down or break us down without even recognizing it. Abuse is abuse, period.


Back to my story. I realized when he wanted to leave and walk out because I was being so rude that I needed to be kind. I couldn’t even put my finger on why I was acting out of character myself. I believe I apologized and we continued our conversation. We see this dude on the street in the cold and he almost made a G cry. I’ve never been in the presence of a king. He took his time to speak life into this man and remind him of who he is. He had to be about our age or a tad bit older and although he had no connections where we were the mere fact he spent time to speak to this man, changed my life.


To make a long story short, we talked and talked and talked some more after that. All about God and our hope in the future, what we do to try and change the world, everything. I don’t know why but I had to be open and slide in the fact that I was celibate. He said why did you tell me that. I think I told him the truth, most of the time spending that much time with a dude they mainly only want one thing, one goal in mind, but he wasn’t that dude. I said something about not wanting to be intimate because I am celibate. He asked me why like five times why I told him that.


We he didn’t know was I was in a situation prior to our encounter and was really hurt because someone abused the time we spent together getting intimate and getting to know one another. He thought oh that means she wants to have sex with me. Not the case.


He told me how he saw me long before I knew he saw me. You never know who’s watching! lol. He said things to me like I didn’t even know how incredible I was. He was hyping me up and I didn’t want it to end. He made me want to stand a little taller. ‘I think we were both craving more and it was definitely chemistry and a connection there. Dude rubbed my feet without me asking, just started rubbing them. I promise they weren’t smelly at this time! Lol.


You know I keep it real. This is Unmentioned Dialogues!


Then after more conversations I believe his eyes were open as well he began to say things like I think you should be my little sister. What? See he recognized my level of immaturity and readiness for a relationship with a king. He saw ME. He knew I had more work to do and how God was still pruning me. He saw who I could be but I wasn’t quite there yet.


Mind you this was where I was in the room full of all this amazingness, I came empty to be filled up so this in the midst of something even bigger, a distraction I wasn’t even aware of or ready for.
Our conversations continued. I didn’t drink much alcohol but the little bit I did drink had me ready to drop em like the second time we spoke. I made a mistake then and I won’t divulge any other details, nothing happened because he was a king and nothing but a gentleman but it closed the door between us and the spark we did have was ruined.


However, God still gets all the glory. I learned so much! I’m sure we should have been friends beyond that point. I probably shouldn’t have said it ended the way it did if I didn’t let my flesh intervene. God put us together for a reason, to open my eyes and see that it is real. Kings are out there. The real ones are watching. Since I’m a real one too, I need to recognize and instead of just focusing on me, myself and I, open up my eyes and see what is in front of me. He will send the one that matches my flyy.


So if I ever find myself in the presence of a king again, when I do I will make sure I uplift and encourage that man. Speak life into him. Pray for him. See him in all his glory and let him know that real, recognizes real!


To the king that forever changed my life. I thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t see you before. I sorry I gave all of my goodness to those who didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry that it took this long for my eyes to be opened but I am forever grateful that God sent me you. I am grateful that you walked into my life at the time that you did for my eyes to remain open and never to be closed again.


Although, you weren’t the man for me and my divine destiny, you were put in my path to prepare me for him. So again, I thank you and I pray for you to continue to be all God has called you to be.


Hopefully, one day this reaches you. You know who you are.


Kings:: We see you! We love you. We support you!


Blessings, glitter & success!


Love Always,



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