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This week’s episode features, Katherine McGibbon better known as “Kathy”, author of Destined: The Unspoken Revealed. She thrives on helping others, by sharing her remarkable life stories – unmasked.

She is a single mother, author, writer, actor, and poet who was born in Canada, raised Jamaican and now lives in Texas — call it complicated. She is willing to share her story in hopes of encouraging those imperfect people, like her. The outcasts, the sometimes forgotten, the voices waiting to be heard – REAL everyday people, perfectly flawed.

She believes that everyone has a story worth sharing. Often times, we’re too afraid of being judged by others so we keep our testimonies to ourselves – but what if your story wasn’t only written for you?

A Special Note From Jaz

Kathy, I just love you and thank you for breaking to mold and sharing your story. Every time I hear your testimony something stirs up inside me as you already know that God has placed girls and young women dealing with brokenness in broken ways with temporary fixes. After two years and listening to this again, the same nudge is still there and so much confirmation and clarity continued to pour from this episode. I’ve seen your journey and I’m excited to see Him take you even further. You continue to inspire me because you are a real DOER, you set your heart on something and it comes to life. Thank you for continuing to birth the dreams God has placed in you in all its many ways! There’s more to come!

What is the challenge you faced before God pressed the reset button?

What obstacle did you overcome/testimony? What was the pivotal moment in your life thus far that changed everything?

Born in Canada but raised Jamaican and now she is an American, call her Jamerican, Ms. Kathy McGibbon faced insecurity and rejection in her life which made her do some things that were out of her character. Her father life when she was young and she had a great relationship with him and he left her around age 7/8, which looking back was when the insecurity and rejection started.

She was very promiscuous and wanted to be loved. So anyone who told her thank she was pretty or that they loved her, IMMEDIATELY she fell for it. It validated her and it made her feel as though it brought her worth. She hated herself, not knowing why but she did. When she was older was when she understood why but at that moments she did not know. Which put her in a cycle of giving men her heart and they would break it.

She met a guy and got into a lifestyle of stripping. She thought it was what she needed to do to provide for her kids. She saw her mom struggle and she did not want to disappoint her as far as she couldn’t take care of herself. Her mom was independent and she wanted to be who she was raised to be.

She was stripping for a long time, met a guy who lured her into his “camp.” Hearing God’s voice all along she heard God say “hey, this is not who I created you to be” and “this is not who I made you to be.”  She heard the nagging voice the whole time and she chose to numb it. The lifestyle she was in was what she knew.

The guy claimed to be her boyfriend but he was a pimp and recruited her into prostitution, sex trafficking. She was out there and that was when she truly met God. Sometimes God has to bring you to your knees and on your face for you to realize who He is.

She was raised in the church, sang in the choir, smiled, everything and felt like the loneliest person. They did not know how empty she was inside. Everyone who knew her back then read her story and said, “I had no idea.”

Now she realizes that she had to go through it. If she had not she wouldn’t be who she is today.

She is thankful for her testimony. It allows her to minister to young women. She has a ministry where she goes into the strip clubs and professes the name of Jesus, it becomes HIS territory. Those are HIS children, no matter what!

When people see a prostitute she does not see what they see. She see’s brokenness, hurt, voids, etc. Somewhere along the line– you missed something.

How has that shown you the path God has prepared for your life? Steps along your journey.

She is drawn to women and passionate about them. She wants to let them know they are loved and they are worth it, QUEENS! Sometimes they just need to be reminded.

Two years of stripping and 6 months on the streets in prostitution. She saw so much, so many young girls being tossed around from room to room, man to man, car to car. NO IDENTITY, TOTALLY LOST!

She is excited to win back these women, these QUEENS!

BE NON-JUDGEMENTAL! He allows us to walk through certain things so we can come back to Him. He gave us freedom of choice.

She knows God. You can’t tell her that God is not real. He is the reason why she is alive today! Guns to her head, rape and other things that happened to her flesh. She walked around feeling, filthy, worthless and empty and HE saw a precious jewel! He found her and He saved her! God is awesome!

No one knows that they are lost, completely broken and doing all these things that look like they are okay when they really are not.

“Through your light, you are helping someone else.” -Kathy McGibbon

“It’s time for those masks to come off!”


Can you share your favorite scripture?

Isaiah 43:18 [NKJV]

18 “Do not remember the former things,
Nor consider the things of old.

She did not like herself and felt stuck in her situations. She was down on herself. All the while, God said, forget all those things, I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE! He called her out.

Psalm 91:3-4 [AMP]

18 For He will save you from the trap of the fowler,
And from the deadly pestilence.
He will cover you and completely protect you with His pinions,
And under His wings you will find refuge;
His faithfulness is a shield and a wall.”

Once you read the book you will understand how much it means to her. She was supposed to be dead, two steps from going over the balcony and God knew. He knew how it would end all along. He said this is enough and pulled her back.

Psalm 23 [NKJV]

Even after everything, she would tremble in fear because she couldn’t believe that was her past. That was her covering and what she necessarily needed to get on and go forward in her life. 

Side Question:

How quick did it take to turn things around and move forward with life? It took her a few years. She had a lot of heart work to do. She wasn’t doing the same things but she still had struggles and needed to fix the heart issues in order to get past the actual issues. She began to fear God, which kept her from going back. She did have weak moments but it is a heart issue and she had to be real with herself! It does not happen overnight. It is a process and you have to apply yourself and make a choice. Keep professing who God called you to be. Talk to people, get it out and not leave yourself to vulnerability and temptation.

What you go to is for you to strengthen you, but your story is not for you! It is for such a time as this. To share it.

What do you do daily to let your light shine?

“Help people. Every opportunity that she gets to tell people, anyone, believers, unbelievers, who Christ is through her. I do need to let you see Him through me. Help and encourage someone, herself. Yes to your will and to your way.”

Name (3) things that you would tell your younger self?


Why do you love you some you? What makes you extraordinary?

“I am WIERD! I am very passionate about speaking to and encouraging people. She is goofy and excited! She loves style and fashion and trying her own things. It’s okay to be weird! I’m extraordinary!!!”

Recommended Books/Resources

Destined! The Unspoken Revealed (Ages 17+)

10 Seconds of Motivation

“You are a child of God. You were made in His image. Be confident. Be Bold. Be beautiful! Be Bold. Be You!”

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