Episode #000-1 || Resetting Your Journey || Jasmine Dash of Glitzy Entertainment

This weeks episode features, Jasmine Dash, CEO of Glitzy Entertainment, who begins the start of this amazing journey by sharing a few of her trials and triumphs with you.


A Special Note From Jaz

“This was my official very first recording of resetting your journey. I recorded this about two years ago in June 29, 2015.”

What is the challenge you faced before God pressed the reset button?

What obstacle did you overcome/testimony? What was the pivotal moment in your life thus far that changed everything? How has that shown you the path God has prepared for your life? Steps along your journey.

I shared my journey to Houston and some bits and pieces of what happened along the way. The comfort began to set in. I was dipping my toe into the waters of faith. I quit my job. A month and a half later I got a new job that was my “business investor.”

God’s pruning process allowed me to tap into my purpose. I didn’t even know it yet.

THINGS I REALIZED:: You are not alone. You are an overcomer. People are out there that need YOU!

We all have a purpose, and we all play an important role in this world. Choose to allow God to lead you.

Even though I wasn’t working for some time, and had things to pay for and had to take care of myself. I served my heart out. I knew that God would never leave me and He never will.

9 schools. 1 college. No consistent friends. Many towns and cities, before Facebook existed. There were many times where I felt alone and misunderstood. I felt unwanted and that I was punished with this hard life.

For some time, I didn’t speak to my dad because of anger, bitterness, and tension because of the abuse in my childhood.

In spite of all of that, I had to put my pride and ego aside and I forgave.

I had to realize that people do change! They grow and for the most part it’s for the better.

Forgiveness is not for the other person but mostly for yourself.

Then the light bulb came on and  I had to fight fear.

WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT ME:: I’m all about love compassion and doing it right in the Lord’s eyes.

Can you share your favorite scripture?

MATTHEW 22:37-39 [NLT]

37 Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

What do you do daily to let your light shine?

I think about my dreams and goals. The one girl who would listen to this show and how her life will be changed. I also think about how I will help change the world.

In addition to that, I continue to be myself. Put my crown on daily. Hold my head up and say my affirmations.


Name (3) things that you would tell your younger self?
  1. Preserve yourself
  2. Love yourself first.
  3. Don’t forget that God loves you and you are not alone.
Why do you love you some you? What makes you extraordinary?

It’s all about your mindset. Know who you are.

Recommended Books/Resources
Letters to a young sister-Hill Harper
Boss Women Pray-Kachelle Kelly
The Queen Code-Molesey Crawford


10 Seconds of Motivation
Be you. Be amazing. Be inspiring. Be a star. Shine! Be bright. Be brilliant. Be amazing! Be a Queen. Be you!


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