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This week’s episode features, Ashley Michelle, Fashion/Beauty Editor & Lead Interviewer of 2Loud Magazine. Ashley switches roles and becomes the guest instead of the interviewer, as she opens up to share a piece of her life with Resetting Your Journey listeners. She talks about her childhood, marriage, being a mother and some personal battles she had to overcome as a woman.

She shares and invites us all to smile and speak to people as much as you can! Enjoy as she shares how God pressed the reset button on her journey.

A Special Note From Jaz

Although Ashley is not our typical RYJ guest, my favorite thing about this episode is that God captures us in all walks of life. Through the stumbling blocks we all encounter and the inner battles and demons we face inside, He is there, always, with open arms, ready for us to surrender all to Him.

I pray God continues to bless your path and your family. I love the union of you and your husband it is beautiful. You are beautiful and you have a beautiful spirit. I pray you never forget that and know that it was a true honor and pleasure to interview you.

What is the challenge you faced before God pressed the reset button?

What obstacle did you overcome/testimony? What was the pivotal moment in your life thus far that changed everything?

When her husband lost his job, he was was the sole provider for their family. They lost their home, they lost cars, pretty much everything. Once all of that happened he was trying to find a job and could not, which was when he decided he would just create his own. He was able to start his own business and they started 2Loud Magazine together.  After all the losses they were able to restart.

While he wasn’t working she was stressing out, worried and concerned. She worked as much as she could two jobs while finishing school, her degree in education, which she is now a teacher during the day. She decided to step in and do her part.

She suffered from low self-esteem which was a struggle for her to deal with her own issues in addition to the losses. She started a blog site with her friends to cheer up. She did a club review and her husband designed things. The relationship with her friend did not work out but the website begins to do really well.

She began to ask her husband to do the magazine and he wanted to wait it out until they built up their fanbase. He was doing odd jobs here and there, graphic design work.

She believes that in the entertainment industry it is hard to get people to really help someone because they are afraid someone will get more ahead than them and they really want people to see the vision and passion behind what they are doing.

When people did not see that, sharing a piece of you is personal, it’s your work and she experienced rejection which impacted her self-esteem even more.

How has that shown you the path God has prepared for your life? Steps along your journey.

She pushed through that by having conversations with her husband. Communication with her husband and telling him how she was feeling helped lift a weight off of her. She realized that he was there for her.

She said they prayed a lot of prayers together. They have grown in their prayer life, falling short of the glory as we all do, but coming back to God again. Going to church, prayer and going to bible study while a real foundation for their children has been their recent focus.

Can you share your favorite scripture?

Genesis 45 [NKJV]

1-28 “Joesph Revealed to His Brothers”


“What touched me with that story is that God will put you through so much just so you can have the end result. To help others. God will put you through things to take you out of it and show you something better. It also connected her with her purpose.”

What do you do daily to let your light shine?

“I teach during the day. Anytime I meet someone, I speak and I feel like that is so important. Getting to know someone and asking what are you doing? What are you about? It is to me a light. People don’t want to speak to each other. How will you know that this person can help you get to the next level if you don’t even speak? She tries her hardest to smile every day, all the time! I speak and I smile!”

Name (3) things that you would tell your younger self?

  1. Stay the path that you are going because everything that you have done will lead you to right now.

Why do you love you some you? What makes you extraordinary?

“I have become authentic with myself. I have understood that no I’m not going to look like the people in the magazine. No, I am not going to have the same experience or the same blessing as someone else but I understand now, that what I have now is special and that my blessing is just as great as someone else’s. I can just be me! A good tool to have is CONFIDENCE in yourself!”

Recommended Books/Resources

The Bible

10 Seconds of Motivation

“To motivate each other you have to help each other. Someone will have an idea or business or anything that you can contribute to or help. Do that and you never know what your blessing may be in turn.”

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