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This week’s episode features, Ms. Chauntele Holley. Chauntele Holley, is the founder and visionary of Lipstick Chatter, a lifestyle brand that provides a platform to help transform the lives of women. With more than 20 years of corporate experience as an Executive Support Professional, Ms. Holley has helped support the business leaders of major Fortune 100 companies & now brings that same level of purpose and passion to her peers via the Lipstick Chatter brand.

A natural born leader, Chauntele’s mission is to motivate and inspire women to believe they can achieve more in their lives. She teaches women how to move from merely existing to conquering their fears and walking boldly in their purpose!

Tune in as she shares with us her incredible journey of defying the odds stacked against you and becoming everything you put my your mind to.

A Special Note From Jaz

Ms. Chauntele thank you for being an amazing and consistent leader. You are so courageous and brave and you definitely inspired me. I love how extraordinary you are and how you just OWN IT! You are a true Queen and I am just honored to have been able to interview you. May to continue to inspire, walk in your purpose, own your responsibility and let God lead your way. Many blessings, glitter & success to you! 

What is the challenge you faced before God pressed the reset button?

What obstacle did you overcome/testimony? What was the pivotal moment in your life thus far that changed everything?

She woke up 19, pregnant and uneducated in the projects of Hempstead, NY. She believes, her daughter, Jasmine, saved her life!

How has that shown you the path God has prepared for your life? Steps along your journey.

She realized that she had someone looking to her for guidance. She is an only child and was raised by a single parent. She wanted to offer her child something different and not bring her up in the current environment she was in. She relocated when her daughter was between the ages of two and three.

When she moved to Durham, NC, she realized that North Carolina was a college state and everybody had a college degree and it was intimidating! She had to learn who she was and tap into why God has her here. What was her purpose?

“When you start to compare yourself to other people, you always diminish in size!” She shrunk in size because she did not want to be around certain people. Her self-esteem was minimized and she was not walking in her purpose.

She is perfect in God’s image and called to live the life that God has designed for her. “My situation was not going to determine my destiny!” “I was determined not to be a statistic!”

She prepared, her finances so she could buy a home for herself and her daughter.

She realized God was doing it for her and He didn’t leave her! She was NOT in the journey by herself!!!

When she realized God for herself that was what changed the game. She began to ask questions, “Why am I here? What will you have me do? How can I serve you?”

That’s when she discovered coaching. She was always the go-to girl and it was always her role to encourage, inspire and uplift.

“Once you take one step, God will provide provision for the rest of the way!”

She surrendered to what God wanted her to do and here she is today, Ms. Lipstick Chatter herself!

Can you share your favorite scripture?

Psalm 37:25 [NKJV]

25 “I have been young, and now am old;
Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken,
Nor his descendants begging bread.”

“Through all my struggles beign a single mom at 19, I NEVER WENT WITHOUT! God provided a way. My lights were never out. My rent might have been late but I never got put out. God always provided a way and I NEVER-EVER had to beg for ANYTHING! I never had to degrade myself to feed my child and I thank God for that because I knew of so many females that were doing strange things for change! I could not and I praise God for never putting me in that situation and I always thank God for that. That I’ve never been seen begging for bread! I’ve always been the head and not the tail.”


What do you do daily to let your light shine?

“I blog. I minister to women in my private accountability group on Facebook. I have over 750+ women in that group. Daily I encourage inspire them to go after their goals, regardless of their situation. Seasons change! We get so caught up in our right now that we can’t focus on our next and it cripples us and keeps some of us stuck. So I minister daily to women to keep going in spite of it all because we are going to come out on the other side and when you come out on the other side you need to have a plan, goal, direction and clarity. Whether I feel like it or not I have to minister to those women!”

Name (3) things that you would tell your younger self?

  2. Be patient
  3. Everything you’ll ever need resides on the inside of you!

Why do you love you some you? What makes you extraordinary?

“My blueprint. It’s like your fingerprint. What makes me extraordinary is the very uniqueness of my being, my fiber. Every morning I wake up and I aspire to be a better version of Chauntele than I was yesterday and I stay committed to my personal journey and my goals. I don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing because that is the biggest distraction I could ever have. I know that God has called me to higher ground so, therefore,  I know he expects more of me than he expects of someone else! So I walk in obedience. Maya Angelo, “Why you know better, you do better!” We are called to do better. I am by far from perfect but I am certainly faithful over what God has given me and that’s what makes me extraordinary and that’s why I love me some me!”

Recommended Books/Resources

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Hiding Behind Lipstick

10 Seconds of Motivation


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