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This week’s episode features, Ms. Unstoppable Tenacity herself, Erica Stepteau.
Erica Stepteau is a dynamic and tenacious motivational speaker, who has empowered women to rise up and claim their unstoppable power regardless of their obstacles or past experiences. One of the tenacious paths she is known for is maintaining joy and hope in a 13-year journey towards fertility which she has experienced 4 natural miscarriages, failed IVF, failed IUI, countless medicated cycles and a recent diagnosis of Adenomyosis. Regardless of the tragedies she keeps a bright smile on her face and trust that God has a major plan for her life as she continues to walk on this path. Her journey has inspired many women to keep hope alive even when their situation looks “impossible “or not clear.
Tune in as she shares with us her journey of NEVER giving up and remaining unstoppable despite the odds stacked against her!

A Special Note From Jaz

Erica! Queen of Unstoppable Tenacity. I just love your spirit. You have so much fight in you! Small but mighty! I love it. It’s amazing how God has brought you this far in your journey and how just as you said before, your story will not only impact those with the same struggles as you but so much more. You will inspire many and bring them out of their state of depression. Keep on teaching them how to fight the good fight! Excited to see how God continues to bloom you and your to be continued story. Much love & blessings to you!

What is the challenge you faced before God pressed the reset button?

What obstacle did you overcome/testimony? What was the pivotal moment in your life thus far that changed everything?

She has gone on an infertility journey for the past fourteen years. Expensive treatments, pain, and suffering. There was a moment where she needed to transform her mind. Sometimes God doesn;t give you exactly what you desire(at the moment), so how do you be content in the process?

The turning point happened about four years ago when she was severely depressed after 4 miscarriages and an IVF procedure. She spent ten years trying to have a baby and be a parent. She felt alone, had suicidal thoughts and even asked her husband for a divorce because she felt like she was not enough, useless and could not give him what a wife is supposed to give her husband.

Her husband took her to a park one day during her breakdown and said he didn’t care about what she could or could not give him, he loved her and he needed her. He told her they were best friends and she asked God, how do I move forward? I have support but I do not have my dream.

She had to realize that she is more than enough, a woman of God and a best friend to her husband. There was more to life than just being a mom. She had to learn to embrace and love her, Erica! Self-love was the revelation and turning point to lift her out of the darkness.

How has that shown you the path God has prepared for your life? Steps along your journey.

The process she is on of loving herself and evolving allowed her to gain more confidence. She did a lot of mirror work on a daily basis. “Self-love, thinking high thoughts of myself, EVEN WHEN I DIDN’T FEEL IT!”

When she thought higher for herself she was then able to pour into others. Then she began to realize, show and empower other women. She asked, “how many other women are not loving themselves truly?” She helped them to identify their story and how they can make an impact.

Her recent book was developed through this process of discovery. As she was reflecting on her infertility issues, she also realized, she overcame a lot of D.I.P’s. (Distractions, Interruptions, and Pitfalls). She says you can overcome these D.I.P’s once you identify them and MASTER them be authentic, charismatic and unapologetic and then you can soar!

Can you share your favorite scripture?

Philippians 4:13 [NKJV]

13 “ I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.”

“It reminds me of the moments where I couldn’t do it alone or I felt like I wasn’t enough. This always gives me validation every time I feel like I’m not being enough or doing enough, I feel like Christ has my back. He is my everything I need and my ultimate resource for what I need to do.”

What do you do daily to let your light shine?

“I like to do a visionary/gratitude list. I write down the things that I am grateful for every single day and at the same time I write down things that I am thankful for that hasn’t even happened yet. It’s almost like proclaiming that it is already here, it’s not yet but I am already thanking God for it.”

Name (3) things that you would tell your younger self?

  1.  You don’t have to go so fast!
  2.  Pay attention to your surroundings but you don’t have to take everything that you see.
  3. Make sure that self-care is #1!

Why do you love you some you? What makes you extraordinary?

“I KEEP GOING! Regardless! I have more than 42 D.I.P’s but I just keep going! Bankruptcy, suicidal thoughts, family drama, and infertility. I have all this ambition that finds the light, the silver lining and decides to go with that. From childhood, she just pushed past some stuff.”

Recommended Books/Resources

Unstoppable Tenacity by Eria Stepteau

No Matter What by Lisa Nichols

10 Seconds of Motivation

“Tenacious Queens, you know the ten seconds I have for you is to just focus on what you want in your life and GIVE IT YOUR ALL & NO MATTER WHAT you have to be the unstoppable Queen that God has honestly ordained you to be to obtain your abundance! The only way you can do that is pushing past your D.I.P’s-Distractions, Interruptions & Pitfalls!”

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