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Creative, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Leader, Mentor, and so much more, self-proclaimed, title of “The Love Queen,” Jasmine Dash, is the lead educator of personal development, spiritual growth, and entrepreneurship for Jasmine Dash International (JDI), Inc.

She is here to lead and inspire young girls and women as they grow and transform into Queens while fulfilling her life’s mission to teach them how to love greater (personal development), joyfully spread their message (entrepreneurship) and celebrate their lives (events) by living NOW!

“I’ve met so many people, many in business-like settings, church or just simply hanging out and they always feel comfortable enough to open up and share their stories with me. It’s an honor and a blessing that people feel safe enough to let their guard down with me. This gives me an opportunity to share my journey and be just as open with them.

I get to share stories about how I’ve overcome certain challenges that tried to block me from my destiny. The processes I had to go through to help push me past limiting beliefs and bring forth my dreams. How I was inspired to love more, have more joy, increase my confidence, build healthy relationships, have sisterhood, be a part of a community of believers and a multitude of other things that I’ve learned on the personal development side that I had to be victorious over, grow through(spiritually) and triumph to continue my progress in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship was instilled in me at a young age by my mother who told me to not work for anyone else but “be your own boss.” At the time, I didn’t fully understand what entrepreneurship was but I knew I needed to create something of my own. When I was 18 I started my own company, Glitzy Ent., as a freshman in college.

I began to pay attention to how businesses were operating and I started classes to get my certificate in entrepreneurship in addition to my degree in PR. From then on, I had multiple opportunities to work firsthand for entrepreneurs and friends would often ask me questions about my business and leadership skills.

What I really strived for was always wanting to do something creative, inspiring and something awesome to shake the world.

I always read self-help books and had numerous ways to be inspired daily. Doing the inner work for myself without even realizing that I had been digging up my past and analyzing my hurts, etc. Then things began to shift.  I realized something about all the people who were inspiring me, helping ignite the flame within, they all had something in common—vulnerability. The exposure of their past helped them to connect with others who have experienced similar pain, joy, ups, and downs. It gave them an opportunity to connect and it made me look at the things that I had and had not yet accomplished. It made me see the elements that were missing in my business and I had to be open enough to be ready and willing to expose myself. The people that I studied and journey’s I followed (life coaches, motivational speakers, preachers, etc.) as my relationship with Christ was going deeper, something began to trigger; slowly but surely, I was lead to start a new business and focus on the two most important elements that I’ve become an expert in Personal Development & Entrepreneurship.

I realized that I couldn’t fully touch and reach the lives God had intended for me to reach without wholeness, which is an ongoing process. However, when you are awakened and aware that you are on a journey and that your experiences are not just for you, but for someone else, then it is your duty to share those experiences and help someone else as you mature and grow along the way.

After all the healing that had taken place behind closed doors it was time to share it with the world. I started a new website (here you are!), updated some of the products/services I used to offer to include some new, much-needed elements to work with me 1:1, recorded YouTube videos, a Podcast show, wrote a book, blogging, etc. and now I am here to help transform lives by providing the solutions to successfully see the girls and young women, whose lives I am destined to touch, dreams come to reality.

Going back to the conversations I often have, after everything my eyes have been open to, I realized that many of us are afraid to ask, speak and talk about the things which we hide, that are in turn the ultimate matters in question, of our blockage of success.


I’ve asked some of those same questions and more. Those questions led me to do research, dig deeper in God and allow Him to pour out blessings of wisdom over my life. He led me to discover some of those answers of the “WHY” questions I had. Since I’ve learned the answers to some of the pressing questions burning deep down inside of you as well, I’m here to share my knowledge and help you to push through to your destiny, release your potential, grow and be refined into the diamond you are called to be, so you can shine, Queen, shine!”

“By being an inspirational role model and leader, I am committed to being the representative of the millennial generation and I am committed to being the change agent to lead our girls and young women to success.”

We do the inner work first, then we build empires!

Her vast educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2012, A diploma in Fashion Retailing from the Art Institute of Houston in December 2014. She is also in the process of obtaining her Master’s degree(TBD). She recently received both, HubSpot Inbound(2 years)  & Google certifications.

In addition to her product offerings, she has a few more projects in the works, including::

CROWNED:: A Remarkable 14th Birthday Celebration for Girls to Embrace Their Acceptance in Christ.

#14||Because your princess is worth it!?

Resetting Your Journey:: Presenting women with encouraging words to say and influential moves they are making in the world while answering the question of how God pressed the reset button on their journey in life.

Accept the past. Embrace the present. Change the future!

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