A Place for Queens (AP4Q) is just that, a place for Queens!

Housed under the JDI, Inc. brand this website aides as the distribution channel for the messages given to us and through us. This platform gives us the mast to our vessel, which gives us more speed and improves our sailing quality for our ship to sail in and transport you to your destination–Freedom. Freedom to be all that you’ve been destined to be by doing the inner work first and then building your empire. Welcome to A Place for Queens!

About JDI, Inc.

Jasmine Dash, International Inc. offers various products and services that provide the needed solutions to manifest a dream into a reality.

The tools, strategies and resources we have created provide: skill training, development, strategies, and tips that inspire, empower, encourage, enlighten, teach and ultimately transform the lives of girls and young women who aspire to learn how to love greater (personal development), joyfully spread their message(dream building+business development+marketing=entrepreneurship) and celebrate their lives(events) by living NOW!

Thus, in working with us, they will learn how to bring forth their dream, be inspired to love, have more joy, increase their confidence, build healthy relationships, be a part of a community and so much more.

We do the inner work first, then we build empires!