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A remarkable 14th birthday celebration for girls to embrace their acceptance in Christ.

We create & celebrate her blossoming from a princess to a Queen!

#14 || Because your princess is worth it! ??



To celebrate a 14th birthday through a new American tradition teaching them the importance of self-love, courage and acceptance (worth & value) in Christ.


To change the lives of 14 year olds one at a time helping them to recognize their value, learn to love themselves and know their worthy in God’s eyes.


  1. Why 14?

Do you remember what it was like when you turned 14 years old? One of the most defining moments of your life are between the ages of 12-14. You deal with puberty, peer pressure and most importantly, self-acceptance. This is the moment, whether you know it or not, where you

make the decision to truly love yourself, the thing about it is –most of us don’t. From there many of us tend to make poor decisions to fit into what our friends think and we succumb to peer pressure; or as an adult we would say “the pressure of society!”

Then we experience this rollercoaster of a journey to womanhood or manhood—okay LIFE!

Not to say that it doesn’t happen, because it does—BUT what if you had someone you wanted to listen to, OR something that helped encourage you and teach you the importance of knowing exactly who you are and help you to stand firm in your truth?

According to sound biblical research, 14 is double number 7 which is completion, giving number 14 twofold completion. The number 14 also represents DELIVERANCE.


  1. Not a Sweet 16

CROWNED is your Princess’ Sweet 16 alternative. While most girls look forward to their sweet 16 as a party where they get a new car to show off to their friends and blah, blah, BLAH!

Well, it’s time to get excited! CROWNED has emerged for such a time as this! A Remarkable 14th Birthday Celebration for Girls to Embrace Their Acceptance in Christ.


  1. Similar to a Quinceanera

Just the American version at an earlier age, with Glitzylicious perks of course! ? The inspiration behind CROWNED was a Quinceanera blessing which is a part of the Hispanic culture for a girl’s fifteenth birthday. The blessing is before the party where the family pastor prays over her and the family/sponsors present the girl with gifts and she is then introduced to the world as a woman. Also, here is quote on how Jasmine Dash was inspired,

“…CROWNED manifested in my spirit! What was even more amazing is that God shared the age of girls that will be targeted, while He reminded me of why I did the invitations to a Quinceanera a few months prior and actually attended only the blessing. It was just amazing and I get so excited even thinking about crowning those girls! This will be world changing. If I knew of another word I would use it but the only thing I can think of right now is E P I C! …By me acknowledging and being awaken to the Queen I am, that allowed me to recognize one of the pieces of my purpose here on earth. As much as CROWNED is for these girls, it is also for me, to constantly hold me accountable for my actions, at a high regard and to be the person, the woman, the Queen I tell each and every one of you to be!” -Jasmine Dash::A Journey To My Queendom??